All About Veils!

Veils are one of the oldest and most iconic parts of the bridal ensemble. When you think of a bride on her wedding day, you probably imagine a white gown and a veil first. Veils have been around forever and have become such a wedding staple.

It is believed that bridal veils originated in ancient Greece or Rome. The purpose of the veil was to hide the bride from evil spirits trying to stop her happiness or to scare them off. They also served the purpose of hiding the bride from the groom, as superstition says its bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony.

The purpose of the veil was then shifted to symbolize modesty, chastity, and obedience. Veil use went on a hiatus for many years until Queen Victoria brought them back for her 1840’s ceremony. Her bold veil played an enormous role in bringing back the veil and transitioning veils to a status symbol. Girls, I’m talking the longer and more luxurious, the higher that status (EXTRA af)!

Today, veils are most commonly used a bridal accessory, worn behind the head and trailing down the bride’s back. Some brides hold true to the tradition and purpose of the veil, while others add them to their ensemble for that extra flare. For photographers like myself, veils perfect for details and those dreamy, snuggled up Just Married shots!

Veils have more use than they seem too! Veils can create beautiful frames to images, can be used when photographing your details like shoes, rings, florals, AND can hide your arms in photos (WIN, right?!). There’s so much you can use a veil for! So ladies, to veil or not to veil?!

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